TimeMaker is an original software tool for a successful planning and organizing projects. This is not just a better looking Outlook, Thunderbird, etc. This is not another „new" software with the same functions and just a different name and reshuffled functions...

TimeMaker is software with lots of unusual functions for planning, management, control of communication and projects in order to get more time with little effort and no stress.

TimeMaker allows you to make decisions and manage the company based on facts rather than assumptions. A manager’s personal effectiveness decreases if his or her decisions are followed by speculations, and they are not able to distinguish facts from assumptions. TimeMaker greatly helps managers to work on the basis of factual data.

TimeMaker allows you to clearly assess the productivity of individual workers based on reliable statistical data. This will give you an overview of the actual work performance of your subordinates.
Previous problems in your company are actually handled by TimeMaker program. We will show you how!