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Softwarové projekty

Xencos [Germany]

Project supporting Business continuity management. Program is used to store company information and help restore business in case of accidents.

Used technologies:

C#, .Net, MsSql, Oracle


System for managing central database goods. Three-layer application, developing over Avalanche framework - modified CSLA.NET framework. Developing business objects, forms, user controls and stored procedures. Analyzing and design DB and business objects

Used technologies:

C# , MS SQL 2005/2008

Weljzijn Infomaat [Holland]

Wealth fare project for register calls, customer and watch activity. I was responsible to suggest and create interface to database and self-building GUI.

Used technologies:

C#, .Net, MsSql, Oracle

Hydris [Belgium]
roject for watching and automatic control of melting process. Service communicates through lan with devices.

Client/Server solution, Web interface

Used technologies:

C#, .Net,Intebase, ASP.Net

MIC-CUST [Austria]
MIC Datenverarbeitung GmbH
About the project:

Application for administration of a warehouse stocks and facility management. Used by GM Motors Company. Focusing on high performance and clear user-interface, also allows quick electronic transfer of data to third parties.

Used technologies:
Java, JPA, Oracle, Oracle Forms, XML

ProAssistNET [Czech Republic]

About the project:

Web based application for central control of insurance companies and companies providing assistance services. Application includes full management of company. Evidence of incidents, monitoring of each events, accounting, statements, database of clients and much more.

Used technologies:
C#, .NET, Visual Web Gui, MS SQL, XML,
JavaScript, Google Maps

Electronic records resources [Czech Republic]
About the project:

Web based application for evidence and administration of equipment, networks, sources and other stuffs development for a Ministry of Employment and Social Affairs Czech Republic.

Used technologies:

Biblio [Switzerland]

Automated system for libraries. System to control libraries Programs are used to watch books movements, create statistics or convert standards of RFID information.

Designing XML SIP2 Server, developing in .NET

WRA (Web Remote Admin) Rewriting Delphi application to Java

BSC (Biblio Self Check) Rewriting Delphi application to Java

Z39 Protocol

NCIP Protocol

Biblio Wand (Pocket PC)

Used technologies:

C#, Java, C++, .Net, Delphi, Oracle, MsSql, MFC

POP2 [Switzerland]

System for free newspapers. Program watch productivity and number of customer which read newspaper and suggest number of copies which should be placed in locations where newspapers are available.

Used technologies:

C#, ASP.Net, .Net, MsSql

Doforyoo [Austria]

NetData Admin Center

NetData Manager Center

Java Print Center

Java Email Confirmation

Java Exporting and Importing Tool

JWalk-Java Fulfillment application

JWalk-ActiveX Fulfillment application (reprogram for ActiveX)

Java Job scheduler

Java DB reorganization Tool

Enco [Germany]
CRM Editor (JACOB, JNI, SWING, UDF written in C for MySql, OOO Integration, BSF scripting, TAPI)

Used technologies:



DHS Invetory management (for Windows Mobile and Desktop)

Used technologies:

C, C#

Trade online [CR]

B2B portal (C#, ASP.NET)

GPS security and tracking system for automobile industry

Used technologies:

Visual Gxp, CMPRO, CMPRO Mobile

ServoTech GmbH [Garmany]

Implementation of new functions to the web catalog

About the project:

Integration of players for displaying 3D models of machine-industries components in web browser.

Development & implementation the application for generating PDF catalog from XML data sources.

Used technologies:
XVL Player, JavaScript, PHP, MySQL, Python, XML,

Statistic Center [Austria]
MH | direkt

About the project:

Web based application for generating the statistics from database containing hundreds gigabytes of data. Each statistics fully configured by XML files.

Used technologies:
Java, Servlets, JSP, Ajax, JavaScript, XML, DB2